The Museum School to ViMS

OASiS’s UNESCO awarded model ‘The Museum School’ has been providing quality education beyond par, to underprivileged slum children, using Museums as Schools, Exhibits as Teaching Aids, and Subject Experts as Teachers. But how would rural children get the same quality education in the same format? Well, if they cannot be taken physically to a Museum Class, they can be taken VIRTUALLY. And what if this virtual experience was in … More The Museum School to ViMS


ViMS – from Concept to Pilot

The journey of ViMS from Concept to Pilot was a great one, filled with some milestones and many potholes. Our experimentation began with various versions and options of 3D. Initially it was difficult to choose which way to go: 3D, 360 or VR. All seemed equally promising in terms of impact. But their implementation were very very different. How can we give that experiential feeling of being in a Museum Class, to a child sitting in his own classroom? … More ViMS – from Concept to Pilot

ViMS Pilot in Schools

The ViMS Pilot in Schools started with some skepticism, as we did not know how the students and teachers would react to it. But as the videos started rolling, their faces lit up. Glued to their seats, erect and attentive, they seemed to be in a trance, occasionally smiling, nodding their heads and repeating the Teacher’s words on the screen. They virtually walked into a Museum with the Teachers in the video, and understood every word that they said and explained. And then they asked ” … More ViMS Pilot in Schools