Virtual Museum School (ViMS)

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When a Classroom becomes a 3D Theatre, and a Class is a 3D Movie, children enter a different world, sitting in their own classrooms. With every child getting a personal Teacher, and Teaching Aids popping out of the screen right in front, learning becomes so exciting and fun. Just like children remember every scene, dialogue and song of a movie; they remember every scene, and dialogue of the Class as well, understanding the topics, concepts, history and applications and remembering every important point. ViMS makes a School so attractive, that children run away from home and work, to attend it.

A ViMS Class in Action


Although with the advent of RTE, schools have penetrated into almost all rural areas of India, but despite all efforts to make the school an attractive place with mid-day meals, education has still not found its interest among children. Rural schools lack Subject Teachers, and those who have, lack knowledge and quality teaching. Since most current day Teachers have also grown up in a Rote-learning environment, they make the children follow the same path, resulting in low conceptual understanding and knowledge. Dependent on such Teachers, children in different parts of the country have different levels of education, defeating the basic objective of equal education for all.

The steps to knowledge acquisition are: Exposure, Inquisitiveness, Experimentation, Questioning, Seeking answers, Conceptual understanding / Assimilation, Compiling and Presentation. But for rural children, the first step itself is a barrier, as they have very limited exposure and cannot be moved physically great distances. Sitting between four walls, fumbling through text, and mumbling through rote learning, they lose their childhood inquisitiveness, are not able to assimilate knowledge, and fail to see its applications in the real world. Their learning is just limited to appearing for examinations. Education is therefore not an interesting activity for the children, pushing them to back benches in their class, or dropping out midway.

Even today in Rural schools, if during a class, a guy with a Bioscope crosses the school, the back benchers run out of the school to queue up with him. Children easily remember and recall dialogues, songs and dance steps in movies, without being taught or memorised by a Teacher.

If a Movie can lead to such detailed understanding and retention, why can’t a Class? So we asked ourselves a question: “Can a class too, become as interesting as a Movie?

Virtual Museum School will now make this happen. Sitting in their own classrooms, children will be virtually taken to a Science Museum to understand how an aeroplane flies or how are tornadoes formed, OR to see Tajmahal and understand its History, OR to a Natural History Museum to study evolution? All this in 3D, and in their own language.

How does ViMS work?


See a ViMS Class in action and the reaction of the Children and Teachers. Their excitement speaks all.

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