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When a Classroom becomes a 3D Theatre, and a Class is a 3D Movie, children enter a different world, sitting in their own classrooms. With every child getting a personal Teacher, and Teaching Aids popping out of the screen right in front, learning becomes so exciting and fun. Just like children remember every scene, dialogue and song of a movie; they remember every scene, and dialogue of the Class as well, understanding the topics, concepts, history and applications and remembering every important point. ViMS makes a School so attractive, that children run away from home and work, to attend it.

A ViMS Class in Action


Arun always took the seat closer to the classroom window, so that he could see outside. He hated sitting inside the classroom, reading out of a book, and memorising things threatened by a Teacher. But he was the best in the Labs, during Museum visits, and study tours. His final result: topped in practical, failed in theory. Arun never went back to school. Like other children Arun enjoyed movies too. It was surprising, that he could recall all scenes and most dialogues, even years later. “Why can’t classes be like movies? It would help all students enjoy the classes equally, and remember things too“, Arun thought. Virtual Museum School (ViMS) fulfilled Arun’s wish, and made every school a movie theatre, and every class a movie.

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With the advent of RTE, schools have penetrated into almost all rural areas of India. But despite all efforts to make the school an attractive place with mid-day meals, education has still not found its interest among children. Rural Government schools lack Teachers, and those who have, lack knowledge and quality teaching. There are 1,05,630 Single-teacher schools in India, that have around 5 million students.

Pressurised to complete the curriculum, and overburdened with other Govt tasks, Teachers prepare children only for examinations, through rote-learning, with no conceptual understanding and knowledge. Some do try their bit, but get frustrated with the system soon. Dependent on such Teachers, children in different parts of the country get different quality education, defeating the basic objective of equal and quality education for all (SDG 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all).

Why are children trapped inside closed classrooms, when the knowledge of the world exists outside? Where are the steps of education: Exposure, Observation, Inquisitiveness, Inquiry, Understanding and Reasoning, being followed? Why do schools differ in quality? Why don’t all children get the same quality education, same environment, same teaching aids, same quality teachers? Learning is an art, that should be taught at the learning space, where the knowledge of the subject and topic lies. Even smart classrooms do not take children to different learning environments.

But while children do not remember enough of what is taught at school, they do remember every scene, dialogue and song of movies, without being taught or memorised by a Teacher. While a class cannot catch a student’s attention for more than 30 mins, a movie grabs a child’s attention for the entire duration (1.5 – 3 hours), and even after that. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? 

If a Movie can lead to such detailed understanding and retention, why can’t a Class? So we asked ourselves a question: “Can a class too, become as interesting as a Movie, shot on location of the topic? Science at Science Museums, History at Heritage sites / Museums, Env Science in Forests? And if it is shown in 3D, children would reach the location virtually, while physically sitting in their own classrooms. Children in all corners of the world, would travel the world virtually, get the same knowledge, from the best teachers on screen, using the best teaching aids (actual exhibits). Front and back benchers won’t matter, because of 3D.

Virtual Museum School (ViMS) will now make this happen.

Interesting videos explaining concepts at different learning spaces, shot in 3D, and translated in multiple languages, will be taken through local educated unemployed youth, engaged as Facilitators, and equipped with Projectors and 3D glasses. Children will enter their class, put on their 3D glasses and travel virtually to the location, to understand the topic and concept, and remember it lifelong, just like a Movie.

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Want to see a SAMPLE ViMS Class?

A Sample ViMS Class

You can see it without a 3D glass as well. But if you have one (red-blue Anaglyph 3D glass), you will see the video in 3D, just like your students would.

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